A Tour Around Cape May in the Off Season

Cold weather and COVID-19 gotcha down? Bundle up and spend a day the Cape May way! While sun bathing on the beach and bustling crowds on the mall are still a few months away, there’s beauty to behold in the off season serenity of America’s oldest seashore resort.

Cape May Point State Park

The lighthouse is currently open on weekends only, but the nature trails are open from dawn till dusk, daily. Wear a mask, and a warm hat, depending on the weather, and enjoy the peace and quiet of a nature reserve on the brink of spring.

Washington Street Mall

While many of your favorite shops are closed for the season, or operating on limited schedules, you’ll still find merchants and restaurants happy to see you! Without a sea of vacationers hurrying you along, you can really take in the charm of the buildings, and window-shop to your heart’s content.

Beachfront Promenade

Lace up your sneakers, don’t forget your shades, and head for the Cove. Unlike during the summer months, you’ll find quick, free parking right along the beach. Walk it, jog it, or just pick a bench and soak it in. If you don’t mind a little sand in your shoes, a walk down to the water this time of year is great for building anticipation for the summer to come!

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