What to Do When Skies Aren't Blue...

In this columnist’s humble opinion, there is one modern author whose thrilling mystery and crime novels cross gender and age barriers like no others. Forget about the gloom of the next cloudy day and get lost in our favorites of this renowned author’s best-sellers. Here at BLAST!, we salute you, John Grisham. Newcomers to the literary world of Grisham can get started with one of these three... Read More


Chips & Divots

I openly admit that my experience on full 18-hole golf courses is limited to very limited. I tried my hand at a full round of golf at Laguna Oaks Par-3 just weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised at how beginner-friendly the course was. And at how totally terrible I was not. My interest in honing my driving and putting skills has since peaked and I’ve even made a few trips to the driving range... Read More


Gotta Have That...Shopping Finds!

This week, we turn our fashion focus to the unofficial Cape May County summer uniform – beach swimwear. Bathing suits are without a doubt a staple in the Jersey Shore wardrobe. Every one has his or her absolute favorite, ever-comfortable suit. But this week, we encourage you to update your swimwear wardrobe and invite a new trendy piece into the mix. Here we have it – summer 2012’s top... Read More

Mixology 101 - Bartender of the Week

On my hunt for this week’s bartender of the week, I hit the North Wildwood entertainment district. This weekend hotspot was sure to be home to the best and brightest of Cape May County. I struck the luck of the Irish at Westy’s Irish Pub with seasoned veteran bartender Joe Diamond. As Westy’s resident liquor manager, Joe runs the pub scene. Owner Peg West jokingly refers to him as her “do-it-... Read More


In the Mix with DJ Tony Stef

DJ Tony Stef has been bringing the party to Cape May County hotspots for twenty five years now. Originally from North New Jersey, Tony made the permanent move to Wildwood in 1987 and has since become a powerful musical force.
DJ Tony has played at nearly every bar and club in Cape May County throughout his music career. Carney's, The Fairview, The Nile, H2O, Hill 16, The Super Box, Shady... Read More

Activities, Shopping

Wildwoods Boardwalk Beauty Brought to You by WSID

Each year millions of vacationers, residents, and second home owners stroll the Wildwoods Boardwalk from its peaceful beginning at 16th Avenue in North Wildwood to Cresse Avenue in the heart of Wildwood, all the while enjoying the sensory overload between the three amusement piers.
They may catch a ride on the Tram Car for a walking break and a fun new way to discover the boardwalk’s... Read More


Lakeview Docks for Water Sports Fun

This summer, hit the water in a whole new way at Lakeview Docks of Wildwood Crest. Overlooking Sunset Lake, its location alone makes a Lakeview visit worthwhile. Lakeview’s main dock stands at the home port of Cape May County historic landmark “Old Ferry Dock Station”. Gazing over the dock’s edge toward the sprawling bay, you can actually envision the hustle and bustle of the millions of... Read More

Lifeguard of the Week

When I asked the Stone Harbor Beach Patrol for their finest recommendation for lifeguard of the week, the captain quickly informed me that Emily McVan would be his top choice. Now in her fifth season on the SHBP, 20 year-old Emily has achieved the status of permanent guard on 103rd Street Beach. Originally from Haverford, PA, she has vacationed on the Cape May County shores for as long as she... Read More

Mixology 101 - Drink of the Week

On this week’s prowl for drink of the week, I decided to stop by Tucker’s Pub on Atlantic Avenue in the heart of the Wildwoods. I was immediately struck by the distinct historic architecture of the pub’s interior and the huge bronze vault situated behind the bar. This had to be the most secure bar on the island … I quickly discovered that Tucker’s is located in a former bank building and that... Read More


Island Hopping

Cape May County is a treasure trove of thrills, games, specialty seafood, happy hour specials, traditional family-style restaurants, beach gear, breakfast favorites, and relaxing rituals. Yet with its six hundred and twenty square-mile span, this Jersey shore county can be quite daunting. With all this ground to cover, where should you even begin? “Blast” is here with our fifth edition of... Read More