What to Do When Skies Aren't Blue...

What to do when a stormy forecast clouds big plans for a beautiful Cape May County day? When in doubt, an afternoon at the movies is a classic choice, and the summer of 2012 promises highly anticipated new releases.
The Amazing Spider-Man is set to tell an untold chapter of the Peter Parker story and premieres everywhere in 3D on July 3rd. The Amazing Spider-Man is directed by Marc Webb... Read More


Summer Wine Review with Joe Canal's

Where to begin looking for a perfect summer wine among racks and racks of choices? Here at “Blast”, I consulted our knowledgable friends at Joe Canal’s Discount Liquor of Rio Grande. Greeted at the door by district manager for Kobrand Corporation and recipient of a Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma, Becky McNulty, I learned more than I could have ever imagined.
Spring and summer... Read More


Cowboy Cool - Wildwood's "Kenny" Style

Country style came to Wildwood like never before the night of June 20th as anxious concertgoers from a huge range of surrounding areas gathered at the foot of the massive stage. Once used by Pink Floyd and requiring over 300 laborers to assemble, this stage was fit for only the biggest of country stars - Kenny Chesney himself. A crowd of 20,000 fans buzzed excitedly as the sun set over the... Read More


Chips & Divots

When I was in college, I had a coach tell me that practice doesn’t make perfect, as the old adage suggests. Rather, “appropriate practice makes perfect”. He explained that if we are throwing a football the wrong way over and over again, we have taught ourselves how to throw a football—yes—but we have successfully learned how to throw the football incorrectly. Golf is no different. In every... Read More


Island Hopping

Cape May County is a treasure trove of thrills, games, specialty seafood, happy hour specials, traditional family-style restaurants, beach gear, breakfast favorites, and relaxing rituals. Yet with its six hundred and twenty square-mile span, this Jersey shore county can be quite daunting. With all this ground to cover, where should you even begin? “Blast” is here with our second edition of... Read More


What to Do When Skies Aren't Blue...Book Review!

“Skinnydipping” - Bethenny Frankel (2012)
We all know TV Personality Bethenny Frankel, whether it’s from The Real Housewives of New York City, as one of the two finalists in The Apprentice: Martha Stewart or from her very own TV show Bethenny Getting Married? But did you know she recently introduced brand new editions to her cherished alcoholic beverages: Skinnygirl The Wine Collection... Read More


The Country Club Tavern - A Favorite Neighborhood Meeting Place

The Country Club Tavern & Package Goods of Cape May Court House perfectly plays the role of neighborhood watering hole. Established in 1988, the tavern has undergone many changes throughout the past three decades, yet its has always maintained its casual, family-friendly saloon-style atmosphere. CCT’s most recent renovation occurred last April. Its owners, the Buckingham and Casper... Read More


Every Show Is A New Adventure With Gary & The Kid

Voted the Best Entertainment in Wildwoods, this wild and crazy duo began seven years ago when Gary Campanell bumped into a waiter, Ed Fahey, at a golf club where Gary had been performing on Friday nights. On this particular night while Gary was performing on stage he could hear a variety of instruments being played in the ballroom. As he walked toward the music he discovered Eddie playing the... Read More

Mixology 101 - Bartender of the Week

Is it the breathtaking bay sunsets or the bearded one man band? The casual waterfront ambiance or the Floridian-inspired tropical drink menu? What keeps North Cape May locals and visitors alike coming back to hidden treasure hotspot Harpoon Henry’s? I, myself, have frequented the bar and restaurant for years but could not exact one answer to this question. Rather, I believe that my encounter... Read More


Chill at Ice House Bar & Restaurant

Entering its fifth season, Ice House Bar and Restaurant invites Cape May County patrons to “sizzle and chill” while enjoying an array of fine dining dishes and cool cocktails. Owners and operators Chuck and Jeanette Burns have successfully combined the best of both dining worlds with their 120-plus seat downstairs fine dining area and their casual, spacious roof deck.
The Ice House... Read More