Tollman Joe’s Bayside

An extension to the original Tollman Joe's South Phila!! Same great management, staff, and of course Chef Arty whipping up your favorite dishes and WINGS!

Joe (Tollman) Paul was larger than life; literally and figuratively. When he walked into a room, the party started, and there was nothing he wouldn't do for a good laugh. He was the craziest and funniest guy you could ever meet, but would also be the first person you could count on to show up if you needed help. Schileen’s Pub in Bellmawr, NJ (his favorite hangout) hosted their own wing competition for a charity.  Joe won that, and not long after he was competing in the official Wing Bowl in Philadelphia.  He won the official Wing Bowl in 2000, and his Wing Bowl name was Tollman Joe, originating from his career as a toll collector on the turnpike for many years. It was without a doubt one of the most fun Wing Bowls to be a part of.