Drink of the Week: Watermelon Sparkler

Succulent and sweet, the watermelon is a delicious summer staple that you can enjoy in a whole new way with this week’s drink of the week, Watermelon Sparkler from the Water Star Grille at the Reeds at Shelter Haven.

Bartender Chris made us this cool cocktail by first pouring organic Prairie Cucumber Vodka, homemade watermelon shrub and simple syrup in a glass. The... Read More

Drink of the Week: Under the Sea

We’re diving into this week’s drink of the week, Under the Sea, at the all new Salty Mermaid Bar & Grille! Under the Sea is a wave of fruity flavors, helping you stay chill in the summer sun.

Bartender Jules made this piece of paradise for us by pouring Cape May Distillery’s Toasted Coconut Rum, Midori Melon Liqueur, lemonade, pineapple juice, orange juice and a... Read More

Video Drink of the Week: Green Tea Shot

When we set out to find this week’s drink of the week, we stumbled into The Deck at Holly Beach in the heart of Wildwood and found ourselves featuring something a little different – a shot of the week!

If you aren’t familiar with the Green Tea Shot, it might surprise you that it doesn’t actually contain green tea. Local mixologist Kelly shook things up and made the... Read More

Video Drink of the Week: El Chapo

Although cool and refreshing, this week’s drink of the week, El Chapo from 5 West Pub, is far from your average fruity summer cocktail.

El Chapo mixes a wide range of flavors to bring us a unique taste. Bartender Matt made whipped up El Chapo for us by first muddling strawberries at the bottom of the glass. Then, he added Aperol, an orange Italian liqueur, and Hendrick’... Read More

Video Drink of the Week: Backfin Blues Cocktail

We’re kicking off summer sipping on our first drink of the week, the Backfin Blues Cocktail from Backfin Bar & Grill!

A signature drink at Backfin, the Backfin Blues Cocktail is a frenzy of pineapple flavor. Bartender Ken made it for us by shaking a mixture of Cruzan Pineapple Rum, pineapple juice and Blue Curaçao over ice. The finishing touch to this tropical blue drink was an... Read More

Top 5 Drinks of 2017

Based on Facebook comments, like and shares, these are the top five crowd favorites for 2017!
5. Mango Margarita from Jake’s Bar & Grill – Aug. 23
This light, refreshing margarita on the rocks is a signature drink of Jake’s, made with a shot of mango liqueur, a shot of tequila, a splash of triple sec and lime juice, and orange juice and sour mix to top it off. With every sip of... Read More

Video Drink of the Week: Golden Pear Martini

This week’s drink of the week is all about the forgotten fruit of fall… the pear! The Golden Pear Martini from the Washington Inn’s Wine Bar is a crisp and refreshing treat, reflecting the cool change of weather that comes with the season.

Bartender Robin made this delicious martini for us using Absolut Pear Vodka, fresh pear puree and a splash of Frangelico liqueur. Robin shook all of... Read More

Video Drink of the Week: Flaming S’mores Martini

Cozy up! This week’s drink of the week, the Flaming S’mores Martini from Elaine’s, is the adult version of everyone’s favorite bonfire treat.

Bartender Lindsey made this unique martini by first rimming a martini glass with graham cracker crumbs and giving it a chocolate drizzle. She then mixed Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Crème de Cocoa and Baileys Irish Cream into a shaker with ice, and shook... Read More

Video Drink of the Week: Candy Corn Martini

Satisfy your sweet tooth this Halloween season with this week’s drink of the week, the Candy Corn Martini from Menz Restaurant & Bar!

Bartender John made this SPOOKtacular cocktail for us by first mixing vanilla vodka and pineapple juice over ice, and giving it a good shake. He then strained the mixture into a martini glass (which happens to be the perfect candy corn shape), layered... Read More

Drink of the Week: Summer 2017 Roundup

We spend our entire winter counting down the days until Memorial Day Weekend, and before we know it, the summer has come and gone and the Labor Day blues set in. But we here at DoTheShore aren’t ready to let the summer go just yet! So, we’ve decided to relive those beach days and Boardwalk nights by featuring all of our drinks of the week from summer 2017. Watch the video below and read on to... Read More