Cape May

Nauti Spirits Distillery

Nauti Spirits Distillery is excited to premiere the first of its spirits. Crafted with precision, Nauti’s Garden State farm-bred vodka is made from sweet potatoes and pure water to create a premium spirit. Each batch begins its journey as over 8,000 lbs. of sweet potatoes, grown on the distillery’s own 60-acre preserved coastal farm in Cape May, and on other local farmland leased by the company. After the sweet potatoes are crushed and cooked, the spirits are expertly fermented, distilled, filtered and bottled right on the farm. When opened, Nauti’s vodka releases a subtle aroma redolent of its birth, but when tasted, you’ll discover a velvety texture on the palate and a distinct, sophisticated flavor profile. A sipping vodka that’s distilled and filtered to smooth perfection, this vodka is equally smooth at home in a rocks glass or in your favorite martini. You’ll enjoy the unique flavor profile created by award-winning Head Distiller, Brendan Wheatley. He allows just a hint of the character of Nauti’s Cape May sweet potatoes to come through, creating sophistication born from the earth.